Who we are? 

What is ECLIPS? Who researches, rethinks and reshapes our project? What partner organizations are supporting our project? Find out here.

What is ECLIPS? 

Domestic violence still represents a most under-reported problem. The consequences of being a child victim of domestic violence are severe and can last long after the child has reached majority. Existing initiatives often focus on health care or education professionals and their role in detecting child maltreatment and intervening when necessary. This leaves a gap for children at the pre-school age(0-3 years). In ECLIPS we exchange good practices and fill gaps with regard to early detection and intervention in cases of exposure to domestic violence by developing tools for the detection of signs of exposure, developing a protocol for the referral of these families to adequate agencies, and developing a trauma-informed care protocol for childcare professionals who work with 0-3 year old children. Attention is paid to the implementation in existing trajectories and to ensure the complementarity to other existing tools by the development, implementation and evaluation of a blended-learning training with VR.

ECLIPS is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) programme of the European union.

Get to know the team

Our ECLIPS team consists of project members and researchers connected to several European organizations. Additionally, we are supported by an advisory council that help us research and reevaluate our project constantly.